Get Your Vaccine!

Alessandro Romero, Writer

With COVID-19 vaccine eligibility allowing more people to be vaccinated, those ages 16 and up with specific medical conditions, or special health needs are now eligible to get their vaccine to combat COVID-19 at several health care sites in the state of Michigan. 

According to the second page of the Michigan COVID-19 Vaccination Prioritization Guidance, as of March 22, 2021, people with medical disabilities or medical conditions at the ages of 16 years and older are eligible in all parts of the state. Also, on April 5, 2021, all those 16 years and older regardless of medical condition within the state will be eligible for their COVID-19 vaccine.  

Based on the Michigan government websiteyou can find locations to find local health care providers that offer vaccines through an interactive map to find health care facilities in your specific district (scroll down to the bottom of the webpage), viewing a given list of local pharmacies that provide the vaccine, or by calling the COVID-19 Hotline at the number 888-535-6136. 

Also, you can find more specific information about vaccinations if you were to your state district websites. For example, the Macomb county government website provides a comprehensive list of all health care sites that offer a COVID-19 vaccine within the county. 

Another way in which you can find an available place for vaccinations is the website This website offers a wide range of filters for the user to input to their needs. The site offers to select only specific brands of the vaccine and how far away the vaccine must be based on your zip code. Once you submit your settings, the website provides the number of providers, the stock of the providers, the location of the sites, the distance of the providers, and additional information on the vaccine providers.  

Overall, in the state of Michigan, a person that 16 years and older with disabilities and medical conditions can receive their vaccine now, and all individuals older than 16 can receive their vaccine on April 5, 2021. They can find and sign up for their vaccine through one of the options provided by the state website, looking on a state district website like the Macomb country website, or going on VaccineFinder.orgIf you want to get your vaccine, look through these options and find the vaccine provider that best suits your needs.