Teachers & Vaccines

Kai Lin Hansbrough

 Covid vaccines are now available to teachers. With that being said, I asked 10 teachers if they have been vaccinated, what was their main purpose for being vaccinated, and if they feel guilty having the vaccine knowing other teachers/ people of the public have not gotten it yet. Out of the 10 teachers asked, seven of them have been vaccinated. Out of the seven that have been vaccinated three of them feel guilty for reasons such as other teachers have not been able to get them yet because of how difficult it is to get their appointment, and because members in their family have not gotten the vaccine, due to the fact that it is not available to them. The remaining four teachers who have gotten the vaccine do not feel guilty for getting the vaccine. “…it’s available to all people in the school so I don’t feel guilty I feel lucky” – Skrocki. Mrs. Skrocki shares the same thought as the remaining four teachers who do not feel guilty for getting the vaccine. Many of the teachers do not feel guilty because they are glad they have gotten the vaccine and feel safer knowing that they have been vaccinated and are “doing their part” – Reichling. The teachers who have been vaccinated said they got the vaccine because they do not want to spread the virus to other teachers/ students/ or their families. The teachers who have not been vaccinated said that they have not been vaccinated for several different reasons. Two of the teachers reasonings for not being vaccinated they are still skeptical of the vaccine, and one teachers reason for not being vaccinated was because of how hard it is to actually get the appointment to get vaccinated.