Covid Through Older Eyes

An interview with 93 year-old Alice Dudek about her Covid-19 experiences


Brooklyn Plitz

  I’m pretty sure you have all heard the sides of teenagers and their experiences throughout this whole Covid-19 experience, but what about our elders who don’t really get the focus lately. I interviewed my great grandmaAlice Dudek this week about her experiences through this whole pandemic being a 93-year-old woman, and how she delt with being alone in a house quarantined after all she has lived through. With all this permanently affecting our lives a little under a year ago 

BP: “What has your experience been with covid and not being able to see family?” 

AD: “It was really hard to not be able to see my family that I love so much since they always came to visit me so often. I missed and still miss them, but they always call to check in on me.” 

BP: “What does your daily life look like while staying? 

AD: “It’s mostly a normal day for me since I didn’t really leave the house before unless I was going to the store, or the pool, or to the doctor. I’ll wake up, eat some breakfast, watch some tv, do a little bit of cleaning, water the flowers, and then at the end of the day I make some super and then I relax and do some puzzles or watch some more tv, and then I go to bed and wake up and do it again.” 

BP: “Do people come to visit you through the door or window?” 

AD: “yes, all the time, although I haven’t been able to hug my grandkids and great grandkids, it makes me smile when I get to see them through the window, it’s nice to see good things within something that is not normal in the world today.” 

BP: “Have you been to the store yourself, and if you have, how is it different for you?” 

AD: “I have been to the store and not much is different besides wearing a face covering.”