stocks and bitcoin

Caden Ott, Weiter

This past week was a crazy week with stocks starting with GameStop, AMC, and Blackberry increased in an arranged buy in through groups on Reddit so hedge funds bought in those stocks would lose significant amounts of money. GameStop started the week at 42.59, mid-week it reached its peak at 483,000 then dropping back down to 53.50. AMC started the week at 4.71, then reaching its peak it at 20,36 only to drop back down to 7.09. Blackberry start of the week at 19.09; at its peak it was at 28.77, then it dropped back down to 12.12. Hedge funds are traditionally bought by the richer groups of people and they buy them in hopes that a companies’ stock will go down and or going bankrupted. Some of the stock apps that let you trade freely ended up closing down the buy in option for those stocks to regulate the stocks, so it didn’t get too inflated. Many people are suing those trading sites, but it isn’t worth it because they are allowed to regulate the stocks like that because they are a free trading site. I predict that GameStop, AMC, and Blackberry will continue on a downward trend because many people are taking their profits and exiting the market. I would suggest buying a put in any of those stocks. I would also suggest looking at battery making companies, drones, and the electric automotive market because it looks as those in the future that will be the next mean of transportation. If you want to be a bit more adventures you can look into cryptocurrency it is a significantly smaller market with only a few large stocks and a lot of small stocks that could have potential. I would suggest looking at the trend of each one and buying in while the stock is down and hoping for it to go up. You can also look at which stocks are related to understand the trends better.