MED Students Adapt to Covid Restrictions

Carly Byrum

For years Dakota High School has been offering a MED class for students. This class allows students to visit an actual hospital to learn more about their potential future careers in the medical field. Do to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, MED students are, in most cases, not allowed to visit the hospital this year which is unfortunate. This opportunity is something our school has done every year for their students. I reached out too two of my close peers who are involved in this program to get their opinion on the situation. Senior Katerina Stamatoulakis explained, “well, we haven’t been told exactly no yet which I think gives all of us MED students some hope still that we will be able to spend time at the hospital, but more than likely we won’t be able to go. I think most of us are at least grateful we can work in the classroom since we won’t get the hospital experience. We can use the wheelchairs, the hospital beds, and the personal protective equipment provided to practice skills wed use at the hospital, and although it’s not the real deal, it’s something and I’m still grateful for it.” With still being in a nationwide pandemic and only being present in school two days a week it looks like the MED program is doing their best to give their students the best experience. Next, I asked senior Ethan Mair to get another perspective.I’m disappointed I won’t get the hands-on experience of learning in the hospital setting, however at the same time I understand the reasoning of keeping people safe during these times” he explained. It appears as though the students enrolled in this program are being patient and understanding due to the situation and trying to make the best of it.