An Ode to Virtual Learning

Because I’m still confused what the heck happened

Lexi Kincaid, Managing Editor

An ode to virtual learning

The darkness pushes through my window as a draw myself out of bed.

The cold computer whirs on, as I go to back to rest my head

I don’t know what my first hour is, for I have never been

At this point I’m too afraid to ask, I don’t wake up til ten

My laundry load has began to dwindle, and these sweatpants are growing more and more ragged

But I enjoy the comfort of my home, with the new lights I added

So here is to the semester we spent learning out of school

The friends we never made

The tech problems which were so cruel

Here’s to the semester lost on the screen

I don’t wanna sound ungrateful

But this made me want to scream

To the people who will read and say this was a strange occurrence

They will not understand how hard it got

And how we persevered

But I’m pretty proud

Of getting through this year