i told the stars about you.


Aliza Black, Journalist

I told the stars about you. 


        About your laugh, your smile. 

    Angelic things they are. 

                                             For beauty alone cannot uphold it’s own meaning without you. 

                      Nor can I.. 

                               Uphold myself without you, that is. 

I feel as though the stars could be jealous… 

       Jealous that I had once proclaimed to them that I had never gazed my eyes upon something so… bewitching; so enchanting and ethereal. 


                                                                        But now, there’s you. 



– Aliza Black




some kind of fictional love letter that i had written, and somehow given my own self butterflies with.

inspired by one of my favorite dark academia youtube playlists, “i told the stars about you”.

!!credit to the original artist of the cover image!! sorry, i could not find out who it was that drew it.