We’re Going Back!

We're Going Back!

Brooklyn Plitz

After a time period where we never thought we would be coming back to school, we are finally going to be going back in just a few short days. We all know things are going to be different but it’s going to be good for us to get us out of our beds and getting ready for the days that we are going to be coming into school. Here are some tips for going back to in person school to be prepared and ready. 

  1. Go to bed early 

I think we can all agree that we are all sleeping in until 7:00am and then waking up right before our first hour because we feel so lazy because we haven’t had a reason to get out of bed and we have been up late because of that extra time we sleep in in the morning. Now, with going back to school, having a good sleep schedule is going to be good for being able to stay up and focused while going back to the classrooms. 

       2. Keep organized 

Going back to school means that we are going to start getting paper assignments again instead of all virtual and on our one computer so it’s good to have organization (binders, folders, labels, etc.) to keep track of your homework in order to complete it. 

       3. Ask questions 

We haven’t been to school in months and it was coming close to one year without us walking the hallways of Dakota. All students are going through a hard time and we are all going to be trying to adjust the best we can, asking questions when you don’t know how something is going to work is going to help you better understand things. 

       4. Take notes 

Taking notes was always an important part when it comes to upcoming tests and quizzes, and I think we can all agree we really slacked off on that when school turned virtual because we all became lazy knowing that we didn’t have to be in person while taking tests, writing things down always helps while trying to memorize content. 

       5. Give yourself breaks 

Having online school has made us all more stressed out about what is due and when it is due because sometimes it’s harder to not have an actual copy in front of you while trying to do assignments, and now we are all used to this so it is important for a metal health aspect that you give yourself a break while trying to adjust back into what was normal in person a year ago.