A School day with Friends


Brooklyn Plitz

Not being in school has been hard, lots of people miss seeing their friends. Not being able to sit with them in person every schoolday is difficult. That is not to say that some students haven’t tried to make the best of the current circumstance. Here are some of the things Alyse Bisby has been doing:

AB: “It had been hard not being able to be in school and being with my friends was something I loved most. A thing that I started doing with my friends was having a few of them over and we sit in my dining room and we open our computers and go to school together. It always lifts my spirits being able to sit with my friends during these hard times. There are some pros and cons of this as well though. The pros consist of me being more focused and not on my phone as much because there’s no need if I need to ask a friend a question, they’re right there. It’s also much more fun at lunch, I don’t have to sit by myself. Although it seems like you would get unfocused, it helps me focus more with being in a room of familiar faces. The cons consist of me sometimes losing track of time, or when the teachers let us go to do our assignments in class, we get distracted because there is no information being given so we just talk to each other. I would recommend it, it’s always good to see my friends during this hard time.”

Alyse Bisby