Dance Canceled Again?


Brooklyn Plitz

Due to the three week shutdown of the state, the dance season has yet again been postponed. I reached out to the Dakota JV Dance Team to ask for their opinions on the postponement. Sophomores Rachel White and Kendyl Baron agreed to meet up with me- here is what they have to say:

RW: “As a second-year member on the dance team, I can say that this year is very different from our last. Our coaches have done an amazing job adjusting our typical events to fit covid precautions and still make it a fun season for us. I as well as my team, of course, wish things didn’t have to be this way but I am proud of us all for maintaining a positive attitude and persevering through.”

Kendyl Baron and Rachel White

KB: “I joined the dance team this year as a sophomore because I really wanted to partake in a school sport. I knew some things would be different due to Covid but I’m trying to stay positive through it all. It’s frustrating having our competitions delayed and canceled especially when we put in so much hard work for it. We had one competition and it was virtual, so the experience isn’t the same as what it would normally be like. Currently, we are doing practices on zoom which makes it harder to clean and perfect our dances. My team is all working together to get through this and we are finding the positives to every setback.”

Dakota JVD