Q/A: Opinions on the next generation of consoles


Brenden Koop, Max Kruk, and Mason MacIntosh

With the new Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation coming out on November 10th and 19th respectively, we decided to interview some people on why they chose either console, or their thoughts on them. Both consoles have sold out nearly instantaneously once going on sale in stores and are being resold on websites with a sometimes double or more of retail price. We know a few people who managed to get their hands on them, so we wanted to get their first impressions on the next generations of consoles. 

  • N.C

Q: Why did you choose the PlayStation over the Xbox? 

A: I’ve always liked PlayStation better than Xbox. My friends got the new Xbox, and they think the PlayStation is better. 

Q: Do you feel the PlayStation is faster than the older one? 

A: It is way faster than the old PlayStation. So much faster I might just throw the old one out. 

  • N.K

Q: Why did you choose the Xbox over the PlayStation? 

A: I’ve always had Xbox in the past, and I did not want to buy all the games again that I already have on Xbox. I would have liked to get the PlayStation, but it would just be so much more money in the long run. 

Q: Do you feel that the Xbox X/S is faster than the old Xbox One? 

A: Without a doubt! You can defiantly see the increase in speed on the new console. 

  • T.K.

Q: Would you rather have the new Xbox or PlayStation? 

A:  I would rather have a PC honestly; the consoles are not my style. 

Overall, after our interviewsthe opinion seems to be fairly split on which one is better. With each console having their own series of benefits, you really can’t go wrong with either purchase, both offer many valuable features on each of them.