The NBA 2020 Draft


Anthony Tocco, Jack Murray

This Wednesday marked the start of the NBA draft. The draft is the most important day of the offseasonTeams take turns picking new young players, hoping that their pick might be a star- or even the face of the Franchise. For all the young college players or overseas players that are picked, the draft is where all their work comes to fruition, draft night is when their dreams come true and enter the league.  

The Minnesota Timberwolves had the first pick of the draft. Experts and fans alike agreed that Lamelo Ball was likely to go number 1.  Surprisingly, the Wolves selected Anthony Edwards from Georgia. Anthony Edwards is an extremely explosive player, and a great addition for the Timberwolves. 

At pick number 2, the Golden State Warriors selected James Wiseman From Memphis. James is also a great player and is 7 feet tall. He can shoot the ball and move in the paint very well.  Wiseman’s skill set should fit with the Warriors’ style of play nicely.

With the number 3 pick, the Charlotte Hornets selected Lamelo Ball. Seeing as he was expected to be the first off the board, Lamelo Ball the Hornets were very happy to select Ball with their pick. They have their soon to be franchise player. Hes a great passer and so creative with the ball. Ball is also a great scorer and has the ability to shoot anywhere on the court. Finishing with the least amount of points in the NBA last year, the Hornets were in desperate need of extra offensive production, and they got the perfect man for that. 

The NBA resumes on December 22nd. We will see these young men in action soon enough, and it will be interesting to see how their teams and develop their talent.