Dakota’s Discover Weekly: Aries

Dakota's Discover Weekly: Aries

Mason MacIntosh, Writer

Many musical artists go on making their respective forms of art without ever getting any recognition for their craft. Aries, a YouTuber turned music artist, is one of those artists that does not get enough recognition for his talent. He started off on YouTube building an audience by recreating the beats to popular songs in short 2-3-minute videos, with a short watch time and an intriguing process. He also changed the beats of songs like “rockstar” and “This is America” entirely to make a songs entire mood or genre change, these videos garnered millions of views, as well as build a fanbase of people that were excited to view Aries’s new recreation of music. With these videos giving Aries a stable base of people that view his videos he chose to begin following his true passion, creating music under his own name. 

In February of 2018, Aries released his first single to garner widespread recognition, CAROUSEL, a fitting name for a near theme park ride the song takes you on, the song combines the drums of a hip-hop track to heavy and wavy synths seen in a more lo-fi style of music. In an interview with “Music Crowns,” Aries describes the reason for the songs name, “It’s called CAROUSEL because the idea of it revolves around running in circles,” he explains of the track. “Whether it be with a girl I’m talking to or just life. It’s kind of like the ride you don’t want to get on”.” With the traction of CAROUSEL growing steadily, Aries went on to release more songs like SAYONARA, which features solemn lyrics over a much different, upbeat instrumental. With each of these songs, he released a video recreating the instrumentals of the songs so that fans can see all the different nearly unnoticeable elements that make up the entire song.  

On April 18th of 2019 Aries released his debut project WELCOME HOME, boasting 9 songs, with the project including multiple different tones of songs, from BAD NEWS, which features an upbeat piano beat, to PONY with a smooth acoustic guitar, Aries has shown that his musical talent extends a vast range, there is a song for any listener. After releasing his debut project with great reception to fans, Aries went ghost, rarely posting on social media, and not releasing any further musicNew and old fans became increasingly more excited for any future releases he had in store. Without much warning, Aries released a track titled FOOL’S GOLD on November 6th, the track is self-produced, as many of his tracks are, it features 446 layers, which is typical of a EDM song, much less an anti-pop song, which is the general genre Aries is placed in. The track has received amazing reception, with Aries stating in an Instagram Live that it has garnered the most first week numbers he has received so far 

Aries currently has 1,484,662 monthly listeners on his Spotify page, His discography boats an extreme number of elements to make a song feel like a rollercoaster of sounds every time you listen. I would greatly expect those numbers to skyrocket in the next year, so be sure to check him out now to be able to experience the talent that Aries possesses.