Dakota vs The Refs


Anthony Tocco, Jack Murray

Last Friday, are Dakota Cougars had their second playoff game against the Romeo Bulldogs. This was a great match up but the way it ended, was very controversial. The refs were not the best this game letting the Romeo bull dogs have 2 plays with illegal formations and even costing he game. 

The game started off great for the Cougars, with Dakota being on defense for the first possession, Jack Murray had a fumble recovery to make it Cougars ball. The Cougars got the ball and started slowly running it up the field. Caiden Sloan got a rushing touchdown to make the cougars up 7-0. At Half time the score was 7-3, the Cougars were feeling great at halftime and were ready to finish off the game. As the clock was running down in the fourth quarter the Cougars were up 14-3 until it got ugly. On a 3rd downplay, the Bulldogs ran a illegal formation play to get them on the 20-yard line. They scored another touchdown to make it 14-9. Failed to get the 2-point conversion.The Bulldogs stopped the cougars and had a chance to win the game. As they were going down the field to score, they ran another illegal formation play that got them on the 5-yard line. The refs did nothing about it. The last play of the game, Romeo on the 1-yard line. Romeo runs the ball, and the cougars D-line stops them and all of the sudden the running back threw the ball in the endzone. This was a illegal forward lateral and once again the refs Failed to see it. Sending the Cougars home. 

The Cougars lost 15-14 ending their season in a horrible way. The cougars played so well the whole season ending with the record 6-2. Cougars brought home the Mac red title and even the superintendent trophy against Chippewa. Thank you for the Senior’s playing their hearts out for their last ride.