Starting Softball?

Softball Workouts/Practices Have Started Again for Dakota


Brooklyn Plitz

Brooklyn Plitz

     Playing softball has always been a part of my life, but since last March, everything has changed, especially with high school softball. Last year, I did not even get the chance to play a high school sport for the first time as a freshman, so I was pumped to hear that softball would finally be starting up again with workouts during the week. It’s always fun to play with my softball friends who are upperclassmenThere have definitely been changes to what we can do though. Masks are being worn, although it is hard to breathe when you’re running around and fielding and hitting. Here are a few answers from Megan Nuechterlein, my fellow teammate:

BP: “Is wearing a mask while practicing hard?” 

MN: “While it’s not ideal, it’s not hard.” 

BP: “Is it hard to social distance away from your friends?” 

MN: “Yes, because I always want to give them high fives and congratulate them.” 

BP: “How does it feel to be out and practicing again for your high school?” 

MN: “It feels good, I’m happy to finally be back on the field with my high school friends and experience normalcy.”  

BP: “Are you excited for the upcoming season?” 

MN: “Yes, because this is the first time I’ll play softball for Dakota so I’m excited to finally experience high school softball.”  

Megan Nuechterlein


Brooklyn Plitz