The Cougars are Mac Red Champs!


Last Friday, are Dakota Cougars went to the dawg pound to go against the Romeo Bulldogs.  This game was to be the Mac Red champs and to secure the #1 spot in the red division. The Cougars were motivated to be the Champs of the division and came with confidence. 

In the first quarter, the Bulldogs got a hot start by scoring a quick touchdown to make the score 7-0. In the 2nd quarter close to half time, Zach Droski Throws a Touchdown pass to Clinton Roberson to make the Cougars take the lead at half 21-14. As the game continued, it was a close game until the in the 4th quarter in was 28-21 and Dakota punches one in the touchdown to make the score 35-21. As the end of the game was winding down and the Bulldogs got a quick touchdown at the end of the game to make the score 35-28. 

The Dakota Cougars are your new Mac Red Champs with a record of 4-1. So much talent on this football team a great team to watch. Many more wins to come even on this Fridays when the Cougars go against Traverse City Central at Dakota. It will be broadcasted so make sure to watch.