JV Volleyball Season Over


Kendyl Miller, Story Writer

Parents night, Tuesday October 13, 2020, the whole team was very excited. Then the text message that changed everyone’s mood. JV Dakota Volleyball was now on quarantine for two weeks. Later in the day, we then were very upset about not being able to win the Mac Red and it was a whirl pool of emotions. We all were so sad to have our season given up and not being able to finish off against our opponents. The next day Wednesday October 14, 2020, another text that changed everything, “We are back!” and no one could have been more excited because, we were off quarantine, and we would be going back that next Monday. Our team was very excited about the Game Day Coke and to be back with one another. We decided the jersey we would wear, and all the games being rescheduled, so we could go out and win Mac Red. We all sent our coach our addresses to get our cider and donuts from our parent’s night that we missed, and we were all so ready to get back onto the court, and play our hearts out. Another whirlpool of emotions, Thursday October 15, 2020, we are now back on quarantine for two weeks and wouldn’t be able to play till the end of the month. Due to this we would only have one or two games left, but we were glad the season wasn’t over. Our team began to FaceTime and play games over the phone with each other. Doing everything that we could to be able to stay in contact with each other. This is the text that changed everything on Monday October 19, 2020, “I am so so sorry to say this girls, but our season has officially ended.” We all were in tears to have finally come to this decision of us not being able to finish off our JV season. We all are so sad that this volleyball season was cut too short, and we couldn’t finish off our season. The one good thing that came out of it, is our Varsity team will be able to be in districts and come out competing very hard, for our teams that couldn’t finish off the rest of their season.