The Cougars Take back the Superintendents trophy


Jack Murray

In a highly anticipated rematch, after Dakota beat Chippewa Valley in the first round of the playoffs last year to end their undefeated season, the Cougars took the trip 10 minutes away to the Big Reds stadium for their first game of an unusual season.  

The cougars started off strong. An interception from DJ Stepney on the first drive kickstarted the Cougars to score on their first drive very early. A violent running game continued with the impressive play from a fairly new Offensive line. Caiden Sloan was able to get into the end zone to make the score 13-0 Dakota in the 2nd quarter. A long passing play and a muffed punt on Dakota’s 10 yard line are two huge plays that got Chippewa Valley right back in this game in a matter of 3 minutes and made the score 14-13 Chippewa Valley at halftime 

Dakota got the ball back in the second half and was able to drive down the field with ease and make it 20-14 Dakota. Dakota’s defense had Chippewa in a 3rd & 20 situation but Chippewa found a way to complete a pass for 65 yard TD but proceeded to miss the extra point so it was 20-20. Dakota drove down the field chewing the clock and the drive stalled out on the 22 yard line. They brought out Kollin Krallap with 1 minute left for a 39 yard field goal and he nailed it to make the score 23-20. The defense then did their job by pressuring the quarterback and forcing the interception that DJ Stepney took for 6 as the time expired making the final score 29-20.