Michigan Reopens: Gyms are back in business!


Brenden Koop, Max Kruk, and Mason MacIntosh

      With gyms being reopened for a couple weeks now, we decided to report on the state of them after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Last month, on Wednesday the 9th Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order permitting gyms to reopen came into effect, allowing the Macomb Township Recreation Center to be reopened to the public for the first time since March, when the pandemic caused all gyms to shut down in the state of Michigan.  

      From the start, patrons were excited to be able to attend gyms again for the first time in months. Many expressed how grateful they were for the reopening of the Macomb Recreational Center. For many patrons returning to the gym was their main priority, but for others, such as parents of young children, they were excited to have their children back in the pool learning how to swim safely. 

       Due to the pandemic still ongoing many new precautions have been implemented to keep the guests safe while attending the center. For example, in order to enter the aquatic area, you must reserve a time slot before arrival to limit the capacity as well as promote social distancingOn the other hand, with the gym having more space to acceptably socially distance from others no appointment is needed in order to enter. Many patrons have expressed how impressed they are with the new precautions, such as constant disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces, like door handles and railings. In addition to this, the pool area of the building closes for 15 minutes every hour for even more deep cleaning of the aquatic center.  

     With the mask mandate still being in effect, some people are not comfortable with wearing a mask while working out. As a result of noncompliance of this government order, the township has had to resort tclosing down the basketball courts to non-members until further notice.