The President has Covid


Alex Gwyn, Writer

Announcement via Twitter this past Friday by the man himself, the President of the United States, Donald Trump was diagnosed with covid-19 along with the first lady. This is occurring just 3 days after the first presidential debate between him and Republican candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden. Many fear for the wellbeing of the President due to his age and most recently getting transferred to the Walter Reed hospital. Officials are saying they are only doing this “out of an abundance of caution”. Ironically, on the Sunday of last week, Trump held a rally in a Nevada warehouse with little to no social distancing and no requirement on masks. His guidelines and setup drew harsh criticism even having Nevada’s Governor, Steve Sisolak, call the protocols “reckless and selfish”. Trump received state of the art medication in an attempt to help with the virus and within days Trump was calling himself “cured”. If he was able to be “cured” just like that at age 74, we should not have a problem in the future because they must have found some kind of cure. Whatever was used on him could easily be distributed to coronavirus patients in need. A good portion of the country was grateful he was in good health, but many Trump haters were wishing the worst upon him. This is shameful to have so much divide within our country and what people are saying is completely wrong in all facets. In conclusion, this was a terrifying moment for America, but also a very inevitable one as well.