Dakota Jv Volleyball Tri


Kendyl Miller


Dakota Volleyball is very known for their tournaments, and of course being able to come out strong. Since the world pandemic, around six tournaments were cancelled, and not even rescheduled. This past Friday Jv was put into a tri with Chippewa and Regina. We had no clue what either of these teams were like going into these games. The first game that was played was Regina verse Dakota. Both teams came out during warmups strong and ready to play.

Starting their first match, Dakota took the lead and didn’t stop pushing till the end. Our bench was so hype and so enthusiastic, that even the line judge said, “I love the enthusiasm!”

Dakota took the first game all the way to 25, winning the first set against Regina 25-13. The next set we were even more hype and enthusiastic than last. We came out even harder than normal and didn’t give up no matter what cost. The ending score of the second set against Regina was 25-10. Dakota Jv volleyball took their first win of the day. Back to back games, their next game was against Chippewa. I know what you’re thinking… RIVALS, this will be a good game. Little did Chippewa know we were more hype than ever, girls on and off the bench, screaming their hearts out and even losing their voices. We came out swinging and digging up every single ball in the first set. By the end of the first set against Chippewa the score was 25-14.

Dakota’s last set of the day, we were still very hype, but getting very tired, as we still played every ball to our highest potential. It started off as a rough set for Dakota, as Chip had something else up their sleeve. With our communication and our skills, over time we started to take the lead back. The final score of the Dakota verse Chippewa game was 25-19. Dakota took their second win of the day, meaning, they have won the tri.