Law Enforcement Stops Governor Whitmer Kidnapping

Carly Byrum


There is no doubt Governor Whitmer is relieved the FBI was watching over her. It was earlier this year that the FBI learned of a group of people arranging to kidnap the governor from her vacation home prior to the November 3rd election. These people are known as domestic terrorists. Six of the men, involved in the assistance of orchestrating the kidnapping were arrested on Wednesday, October 7th and charged. If convicted the felonies against them could put them in prison for life. Seven additional men were charged in connection due to similar activities. These men are associated with the Wolverine Watchmen which is a militia group that is responsible for different crimes which include kidnapping public officials. These men have been charged as well under Michigan’s anti-terrorism law. The FBI had been watching this militia group since March of 2020 due to other inquiries they had made regarding law enforcement officers that sparked attention. Since then the FBI had embedded undercover agents to observe their activities. Since the FBI was undercover they knew that the weekend of September 12th  the group was conducting a training exercise and that’s when they knew that they would move ahead with the kidnapping and a meeting was set up. Thanks to federal and state law enforcement these terrorists were stopped!