Masks and Mitts

An Interview with Varsity Baseball Player Austin Plitz


Brooklyn Plitz

     So many sports for high school had gotten canceled due to our global pandemic. This includes baseballI have interviewed a varsity baseball player who is excited to get back on the field for his senior year of high school, my brother Austin Plitz.  

Interview with Austin Plitz (2021 graduate)  

BP: “Is it weird wearing a mask while practicing for your sport?” 

AP: “Yes, it is so much harder to breathe and talk while trying to be active. Plus, it’s very distracting because something is on your face and we didn’t have to wear them for travel baseball over the summer.” 

BP: “Are you forced to social distance?” 

AP: “Yes we are. We have to put our bags away from others and we are not allowed to go into the dugouts.” 

BP: “How does it feel to be back and practicing for high school when we didn’t get to have a season last year?” 

AP: “It feels the same not going to lie, it’s good to see the boys though.” 

BP: “How do practices work? Are they different? Explain. 

AP: “We usually throw and do some fielding work along with some hitting. Practice is really the same as it used to be.” 

BP: “What do you think the season will be like?” 

AP: “I feel like we will have to be distanced and the season won’t be as fun in my opinion, but it feels good to know that a season for my senior year will be happening.” 

BP: “Not to do with baseball, but how does it feel to be a senior?” 

AP: “I know I’m a senior, but I don’t really feel any different. Since it’s the beginning of the year I’m just focused on school, but I think once we get towards the end of the year, it will start to hit me that this is my last year of high school before I’m off to bigger and better things.” 

Austin Plitz