The Cougars Are Back On Track


Last Friday, the Dakota Cougars went away to go against Gross Point South with a undefeated record of 2-0. The cougars were hungry from last week from losing a close one to Stevenson. They came into the game knowing that they will out work them and to make their record 3-1, and thats exactly what they did.  

Cougars won 21-7 and made their record 3-1. We started off with run-in touchdown by Caiden Sloan to put the cougars up 6-0. Kollin Kralapp came in to put the finishing touches to make it 7-0. The cougars defense was amazing during the whole night making Gross Point South work for their touchdowns. The only touchdown they let go was at the end of the game. Other than that, the defense was close to perfect. Applying pressure to the quarter back all game and making him throw a pick and to get caught by DStepneyShortly after half time, the cougars got the ball and quarter back Zach Droski airs it down deep to Preston Leon to get the Cougars in the redzone. As the game continued, Caiden Sloan had another rushing touchdown to make it his 2nd touchdown of the day. Kollin Kralapp once again makes the field goal and even made all of his extra points.  

The Cougars go 3-1 and defeat Gross Point South. This Friday, the Dakota Cougars go against the Eisenhower Eagles.  This game will be broadcasted on Fox Sport Detroit for the game of the week. Make sure to watch and route for the Cougars to again bring home that win.