Movie Theatres Will Re- Open Friday October 9th

Kai Lin Hansbrough

“Michigan took some of the most aggressive action against COVID-19 in the country, and… as a result, we are now able to reopen movie theatres” (Gretchen Whitmer). Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently made an announcement that all movie theatres are now able to re-open on October 9th.  Due to covid there will be many changes to the movie theatres such as people need to wear masks at all times except when eating or drinking, there will be spaced out showtimes in order to prevent the lobbies from getting crowded, the seats will be disinfected between movies, and all individuals who want to watch a movie must give their name and phone number to help with contract tracing should the facility experience a covid-19 case. Those who are not willing to abide by the new rules will not be able to purchase tickets, or watch movies. Thanks to Governor Whitmer, friends and families are now able to gather at movie theatres and watch movies again!