L’Manburg Election Gone Wrong: A YouTube Saga

Results of the L’Manburg election


Kaitlynn Clement, Writer

On the night of September 21st ,2020 the city of L’Manburg faced a terrible loss. An election to see who the next president of L’Manburg will be was held. The previous leader, Minecraft youtuber Wilbur Soot fought hard to gain independence from dream smp and in a split second that was all gone.

Four parties ran in this election, coconut 2020 which consisted of youtubers Nikachu and Fundy, Schlatt 2020 which consisted of youtuber jscahlattLIVE, Swag 2020 which consisted of youtubers GeorgeNotFound and Quakity, and finally Pog 2020 which consisted of youtubers Wilber Soot and Tommyinit.

In 4th place with 9% of the vote was coconut 2020, 3rd place with 16% of the vote was Schlatt 2020, in 2nd place with 30% of the vote was swag 2020, and in first place with 45% of the vote was pog 2020. Pog 2020 winning would have been the best for L’Manburg but in secret Schlatt 2020 made a deal with Swag 2020 that if they lost, they would poll their votes which they did meaning Schlatt 2020 won by 1% of the vote.

JschlattLIVE’s first command as president was to revoke the citizenship of Wilbur Soot and Tommyinit. That decision shocked the people of L’Manburg. Now luckily for Wilber and Tommy their friend Tubbo built them a bunker in the city of L’Manburg.

Wilbur and Tommy escaped into the bunker and away from L’Manburg. In the forest they made a new house. Then to everyone’s surprise youtuber Technoblade tweeted out saying “@Tommyinit @wilburSoot so I heard you guys might need some assistance?”. Wilbur was hesitant at first but eventually let him help.

Tommy named their new city Pogtopia. Now its Wilbur, Tommy, and Technoblade. What comes next for L’Manburg and Pogtopia? We will have to wait and find out.