Dakota Face Masks For Sale


Taylor Burnham

Since June, Dakota Boosters have been selling Dakota face masks on their online store in an effort to raise money during the pandemic. Dakota Boosters is a parent-led school organization focused on supporting all students by being a resource of funds for clubs and athleticsClubs and sports can submit donation requests and ask for Dakota Boosters to cover the cost of specific items they needmaking them an important group in the Dakota community. 


Dakota Booster’s treasurer Shari Burnham came up with the idea to sell face masks after having trouble coming up with fundraising ideas during COVID-19. Burnham commented how with the new safety measures in place, we are unable to sell concessions, and we had to cancel our large in-person craft show,” large money makers for the organization. “With everyone needing masks to stay safe, I thought of the idea to sell Dakota face masks.” 


All masks are made by Dan Wesner of Wesner Tuxedo. When asked why she chose him to be a partner, Burnham explained that “Dan Wesner is a huge supporter of all the local high schools and has generously donated to many activities here at Dakota. I knew Dan had a great quality product, and that is what I wanted to sell to the Dakota community.” 


Per Dakota Booster’s website, masks come in two different sizes: student and adult. There are a range of different masks including a generic Dakota mask or ones that are specialized to a specific sport or club such as football or drama. Seneca and Iroquois masks are also available for purchase. Dakota masks can be either navy blue or gray, and Seneca and Iroquois masks are both dark green. Certain masks can be customized to add specific symbols or words. Regular masks retail for $20.00 while personalized masks are $25.00. In addition to masks, Dakota Boosters are also currently taking pre-order sales for Dakota blankets which are on sale for $67.50.  


As with all money raised by the organization, “all funds will go directly back to the students of Dakota through purchases made by Dakota Boosters,” Burnham assured. Through donation requests from Dakota activities, Dakota Boosters gives back to the students by purchasing equipment or items they need to succeed. Some of the items we have purchased in the past are uniform purchases for athletic teams, championship t-shirts, bean bag chairs for the GSA program, and props and items for the drama club.” The organization also uses their funds to sponsor scholarships for graduating seniors in the spring. 


Students, teachers, and parents can purchase face masks at Dakota Booster’s online store or before most home football gamesShow your cougar pride and get a face mask today!