First NFL Game Postponed


Shea Miller

Big news in the sports world and it is not in a good way. So far since sports have started back up since the pandemic it has been a little shaky. With the NBA being a pretty big success other sports wanted to match them once they saw the popularity of it but sadly playing NFL games is a lot harder than then playing NBA games in a bubble, their is just way more to it. With the first game of week 4 of the 2020 season playing October 2nd, the NFL through the first few weeks has done a good job with no positive test. That was until the Titans and Steelers were set to play each other on October 4th but earlier in the week three players and five personnel people tested positive for the virus which made the game and practicing come to a halt. The players have been asymptomatic as of Tuesday morning, according to ESPN.

For the two teams it is looking like they will not play this week and risk falling behind in the NFL schedule. Even worse a few day later on October 1st, 2 more test came back positive on the Titan’s squad. Like I said Through the first three weeks of the season, there had not been any concerns about game cancellations due to COVID-19. The NFL has some built-in scheduling flexibility thanks to each team having a bye week, although the Titans and Steelers do not share a common bye week. At first the NFL talked about trying to make that happen but as of right now, it was just to complicated to do. Although this week will mostly be both the team’s week off for the year according to multiple sources, the Titans-Steelers game scheduled for Week 4 will not be played this week – it will be moved to later in the season and that’s all the NFL knows right now. Since this recent outbreak it really has put the league on the spot especially because they really did seem unprepared for the season to start on time but only time will tell on if this game will ever be played out and if the NFL and the players can keep this from happening again.