Some Inspiration from Dakota Volleyball


Kendyl Miller

Dakota Volleyball is a huge family program; all players are considered sisters. Each and every game inspirational quotes are given to help focus on that. All games there is a new goal to be able to accomplish by the end of the game.

As their second game was against Anchor Bay, we knew that we couldn’t walk off the court saying “I wish I would have hit the ball harder.” The quote that was given that game was, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take,” which clearly explains how everything we do has a purpose. Their third game against Ike, we knew for Varsity and the opposing team, was going to be a tough game. The quote that was given was, “Statistics are like bikinis they show a lot, but not everything,” coaches had to get Varsity out of their heads with a quote that they could laugh at. Their fourth game against LCN we needed to have more communication and better team work on every ball. The quote that the players received was, “Talent wins’ games. But teamwork wins’ championships,” JV and Varsity knew that the bond that we all have as sisters is very strong, and needed to be brought out on to the court as we play.

Their most recent game against Stevenson, we knew going into it that we needed to make sure our communication was up, as it was in the previous game. The most recent quote that was given was, “Team mates don’t always have to like each other, they have to love each other always. Nothing is more powerful than being a team mate. Great team mates lead to great teams.”

Knowing how loving and supportive of a family program that Dakota Volleyball is, we needed to make sure that on the court we picked everyone up and always supported each other through good things and through mistakes.