Sports and Covid-19 at Aquinas College

Brinley Benoit

Nolan Benoit, a freshman lacrosse player at Aquinas college in Grand Rapids, answered some questions regarding how the college is dealing with Covid 19 and how the sports at Aquinas are affected including lacrosse.

There are currently no games going on at the college, but practices are still happening for all the sports. During practice, the lacrosse team is required to wear masks and the team is split up into four groups to reduce contact with each other.

Nolan said, “although wearing masks during every practice and not being able to really practice together aren’t the best, it’s what we have to do in order to be safe and that’s more important.”

There have been six cases total at Aquinas and two of them were girls from the hockey team. Students at the school must wear a mask every day to all their classes and are required to fill out a Covid screening test every day even when they don’t have class but are still on campus.