ACT/SAT Testing Not Being Required For Some 2021 Applicants

Carly Byrum

The corona virus has revised the admissions for colleges affecting the class of 2021. According to the Washington post, over half of the united states bachelor’s degree schools will not require students to submit ACT/SAT scores with their application for fall of 2021 admission. Students will no longer be evaluated by taking the ACT/SAT standardized test. Prior to the pandemic, the test was considered essential in order to apply to most universities. But since spring and summer testing sessions were canceled it was impossible for students to take the exam. 

It will be interesting to see if colleges continue with this trend for the high school classes after 2021. If the ACT/SAT test is not required, this year perhaps it may never be required again. Students who are poor test takers would be happy to see this test go away and this new way of getting into some universities could allow more opportunity too many students.