Dakota Volleyball is up and running!

Kendyl Miller, Story Writer

Get those jerseys and spandex on, because Dakota Volleyball is up and running. As the season was off to a very late start, the girls came out swinging hard. As they started outside practice and outside training, they knew it was going to be tough. The obstacles that they faced were very hard to overcome, but with their team bonding they knew that they could do it. They were faced to only have a few practices indoors, until their team had their first game. They knew that going out their strong would be hard, since other schools had more time indoors. With their amazing coaches and their great friendships, they quickly grew to become a very loving family program.

Starting off with their first game against Romeo, all three teams came out swinging and doing their best to communicate about each ball. Yes, some mistakes were made, but over the next few points they readjusted and came back out better than ever. Now, from being on the team most teams that will be played, they don’t truly like us that much. Many reasons for that is because of the bond that we have as a family, and how good we all work together in each play. Dakota Volleyball is one of the most high achieving sports and has to earn each and every individual point.