Time Management Tips to Help Get Through the Rest of the Year

Wednesday, April 22nd was the official start to the Chippewa Valley distance-learning (online learning) until the end of the school year. With that being said, many students may struggle to find time to sit down, focus and do work. The following tips are ways to better manage your time to finish out the 2020 school year strong.

Prioritize Tasks 

Everyday create a list of two or three of the most crucial tasks to complete, and do those first.

Limit Distractions

Turn off your phone/notification and the television to help limit distractions.

Use a Calendar

Using a calendar can help remind you of when assignment are due or when you need to meet with the class online.

Having a Work Space

Having an organized, designated work space will give you a sense of order.

Get Into a New Routine

Getting into a new routine helps to organize your time because you are following a specific pattern.

example: wake up, eat breakfast, 2 hours of online learning, eat lunch, 2 more hours of online learning, and then have free time the rest of the day