Things To Pass Time In Quarantine


Jelena Tegeltija

Being stuck inside your house for a month or more, is kind of stressful. I have some ideas on how to stay un-bored during quarantine.

1: play video games

Most people that play video games enjoy it or do it to relieve stress. Videogames are super fun and there are many options to choose from. If you’re playing on mobile, some of my favorite games are: Call of Duty, Minecraft, animal crossing: pocket camp, Roblox, pubg, fortnite, and clash royale. These are easy to use and fun to play on.

2: learn something new

I would say learn how to play a instrument, but I realized that not everyone has those things lying around their house. Learning something new could be a wide range of anything, from learning how to draw to figuring out pre-calc questions. It could be school related, or just something for fun.

3: catch up on shows

Most people have some sort of streaming service, if its Netflix, Hulu, hbo, etc. One thing to pass time is to watch everything on your recently watched list. It would organize your recommendations, or maybe get you hooked on a show.

4: do your schoolwork

The official school week started, and most teachers assigned work to do. I spent like four hours doing all my classes assigned work. It passes time and its stress relieving too. Plus, online school may seem easier for some people.

5: work out/ maintain fitness

This one is super hard and can easily be given up but working out is something to move things along faster. If you have some sort of fitness goal, like get a 6 Pac, or run a mile under 6 minutes, now is the time to complete those goals!