My top 5 EPs of the 2010s

Stefano Gai

So at the end of last year I did my top 10 albums of the decades, now this is my list of my 5 favorite EPs of the last century. 

  1. BoomBoomRoom (Side B) by Palaye Royale 

They weren’t on my last list because I just got into them recently, but this EP really delivers for a B Sides project 

  1. The 1981 EP by I Don’tKnow HowBut They Found Me 

Another name that didn’t make my last list because, they currently don’t have an album, but what is here is very good 

  1. Cluster by Waterparks

An EP for anyone looking for some heavy sounding, but still popish music, Waterparks best EP in my opinion 

  1. dontsmile at me by Billie Eilish 

Aside of it being a VSCO Girl stereotype, this is a genuinely great EP with a mix a bangers and soft anthems 

  1. Duality (Stories Unplugged) by Set It Off 

This is an EP of some acoustic versions of some songs from their highest charting album to date Duality, plus a song not from the album called Wild Wild World, a must listen for any fan of acoustic music