A Really Rushed (late) Review of The Sonic Movie


Jake Anargyros

            You all know Sonic right? The blue blur. That franchise with the really wack fanbase. Well if you have been living under a rock, he’s got a movie now and well, it was actually pretty good. I didn’t expect much going into the film (as I do with any video game movie) but this one was different. It was good, maybe even great… it’s a type of movie that is meant to just watch, not analyzed. Now I’m not a huge fanatic of Sonic but knowing his history or his memes certainly will make some scenes pop. If you are a fan of Sonic, you’ll love it. If I were to summarize the movie in one sentence, I would describe it like the movie Hop (also with James Marsden) but with Sonic and it makes for a good time. 

I’m sure all of you remember the old Sonic design controversy, it has definitely been addressed… I’m not quite sure who they were trying to appease with that old design but the latest one feels like its Sonic. I would have had a real rough time caring about Sonic’s character if he looked like uhh this… Image result for old sonic design

 The animators put a lot of effort into this redesign and I say it paid off. Sonic looks sharp and well, like Sonic. Speaking of sonic, the voice actor, Ben Schwartz did an amazing job with handling Sonic with emotions and punchlines. Ben (A longtime fan of Sonic) was sure to treat the character with respect as to make sure his legacy is kept up with the character and they nailed it. If you’ve ever seen any sonic cartoon series, he acts just like that, witty and arrogantThere were some deep elements in the film about isolation and friendship and the movie’s script does a overall good job with these concepts. It’s nothing new, but it being grouped with other video game movies, it does far, far better than the rest.  

For the rest of the cast we got James Marsden as Tom Wachowshi and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, mainly, the rest is pretty forgetful, (I forgot their names). James did as well as anyone one expected, he’s a spectacular actor after all. The real deal here is by far Jim Carrey. He steals any scene he’s in and just fits the character so well. Now I grew up on a lot of Jim Carrey films such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Liar Liar and his performance in this movie gives me such nostalgia of those films. He just has this energy about him that is so captivating and rounds out this movie.  

Now as for the movie, well I kinda forgot most of it. I remember there was a plenty of Easter eggs and hidden references Sonic flosses not once, but twice (it was tragic yet eventful). Sonic has a scene where he’s basically Quicksilver. There was an incredible end credit scene. There was plenty of Sonic to go around. And there was a buddy cop road trip that was surprisingly great. If you haven’t seen this movie, see it please. Support good media like this, the crew working on this film definitely deserve all the love they can. This movie was an anomaly in Hollywood with the care the producers put into it. To halt a movie to polish their main character as to please their fans… you don’t see that every day. Look he has nun-chucks!!Image result for sonic movie