How Could You Work For The Dakota Planet?


Emily Gottlieb, Writer

Did you ever wonder who writes all the stuff you read on this website? Did you know that it is a group of students in a class?

The class is Writing For Publication(2227/2228) and any students in grades 10-12 can take the class. Just be sure to put it on your  scheduling form for the 2020-2021 school year.

What could you do in this class? Likely more than you think. Many of the students in this class, myself included, are writers. Writers can post stories on a variety of topics, everything from features and sports to national and international news. Many of the stories that I have written, for example, involve interviewing students who are members of clubs at Dakota, such as Theater and Model UN. Other writers, like Kellin Hughes, write stories with a more comedic approach on topics like baking a cake for Chippewa Valley Schools Superintendent Ron Roberts, or “5 Things to do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day.” Other writers write on topics such as entertainment and sports, among other things.

However, not everyone here is a writer. Katie Kraemer rarely sits down to write out a story, instead, they tell a story through pictures. As the photographer for The Dakota Planet, Katie goes to many events and takes pictures of students, like Football Games, Rock the Runway, and many other school events.

Many other students take part in DTV, The Dakota Planet’s broadcast team. These students have tons of personality and creative ideas that they use to create comedic segments. These segments, such as the Thanksgiving Episode and Season 2 Premiere, are always a huge hit.

New writers, Photographers, and members of broadcast are needed because there are many seniors in the program. If you enjoy being creative, consider joining Writing For Publication for next school year!