The Deadly Sins – Door One

Tori DeAngelis

(Man’s POV)

I was standing in a pitch-black hallway when an illuminating blue door appeared before me. My eyes could not veer from it and the door seemed to whisper out, “Open me. Come explore what’s behind this door.” The next thing I knew, my hand was touching the doorknob and was ready to discover what lies behind the blue door. I turn the handle and the door slowly creaks open.

I am met with a dimmed room where the only light source was coming from the candles surrounding a bed. The bed had silk sheets and rose petals, but what caught my eye the most was what laid upon those sheets. My eyes gazed from her smooth legs to her golden locks, and there was no doubt that the most gorgeous woman was laying right before me. My eyes were locked on her body and its voluptuous curves. I met her alluring eyes and her finger called me to come closer.

Without thinking, my body is pulled towards her. I sit next to her on the bed and her lips entice me as they whisper provocative language in my ears. Her royal blue robe begins to ride up exposing more of her olive skin. I thought to myself, she will be mine. I look at her eyes once more and in a split second, I noticed a flicker of a flame.

This is a trap. I needed to get out of the room before she hypnotizes me again with her beauty. I quickly pushed her off of me and stood from the bed, but I noticed that the blue door had vanished. I had no way to escape. The woman untied the string sealing her robe and revealed the rest of her body. I could not let my urges deceit me, so I lunged toward a lit candle and touched it to the silk. Soon, all the candles have fueled the burning fire that used to be the bed. The once gorgeous woman was burned and smothered by the flames. Then, on the opposite wall, an orange door emerged.