Different Ways to Increase Motivation

Melina Hicks

At its core, motivation is our desire to do things. It’s the difference between getting up early and hitting the gym and lazing around the house all day. It plays a very important role in setting and attaining our goals. 

 But around this time in the school year or just in our daily work lives, the lack of motivation to fulfill our daily tasks becomes harder and harder. Time seems to just go by, waiting for no one. But by changing one’s mindset and trying out these strategies, fulfilling those goals you have in mind will become much easier. 


1.) Using your Nervous Energy for Good 

Have you ever noticed how similar the symptoms of feeling nervous are to feeling excited? Fast heartbeat, trembling hands, brain racing…  although nervous energy might be stopping you from getting on with a task, trying to calm down isn’t necessarily the way forward. This energy can be useful, and when channeled right, can actually help increase performance. The next time you can’t bring yourself to do something  –  because you’re simply too nervous, tell yourself that what you’re feeling is excitement. 

2.) Listen to Motivational Music 

Studies show that listening to just one minute of motivational music can give you a significant physiological advantage. So try listening to the kinds of music that you personally find physically energizing, stimulating, or activating. 

3.) Give Yourself a Fresh Start 

The 1st of January is generally considered a good time to wipe the slate clean and give yourself a fresh start for the year to come. In reality though, this is just another arbitrary point in life which is no better than any other day of the year. Think of a recent event which had an impact in your life, and make a fresh start. Tell yourself, “from this day on, I’m going to make things happen”.  Once you do it, this will really resonate with you.