A Mini Review of Bobcat Bonnie’s: The Newest Restaurant at Partridge Creek

Kellin Hughes, Feature Writer and Not Very Good at Reviews

Goodbye Max & Erma’s, hello Bobcat Bonnie’s. 

I know you’re probably thinking Wow! Yet another restaurant at Partridge! How exciting! But trust me, this one seems promising. 

After a quick explanation from a friend/hostess and a couple Google searches, fellow journalist Santino and I geared up and decided to check it out.


It’s described as a “gastropub” that serves upscale food at a friendly price. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard the term “gastropub” before this place. Apparently it’s just a fancy word for high quality.


Anyway, I don’t know what I expected it to look like, but it was definitely not like that. It’s a huge, dark, open space that’s painted black and rigged with some cool round lamp things above the tables. The walls are pretty plain, but that’s probably just because they’ve only been open for about a week.


We were automatically seated at a booth and brought some little cups of ice and a very modern-looking pitcher of water that I’m pretty sure was actually intended to be a vase.


The menus are made to look like composition notebooks that are covered in doodles. They’re pretty unique and quirky, even though the drawings can get distracting.

There’s a good mix of vegan and non-vegan food. You could probably get a vegan or vegetarian version of anything if you asked. 

They have the basics, like burgers, bowls, sandwiches, etc with some trendy adaptions, but overall normal. There’s also lots of weird, new things I’ve never heard of.

There’s definitely something for everyone.


Santino and I ordered the beyond burger and fries, their vegan burger option. It was $12.00, which isn’t that bad. 

The fries, of course, were curly and sort of tasted like nothing, but a good kind of nothing. They weren’t greasy like other fries.

The burger came with normal toppings and some type of secret sauce that was probably just glorified vegan mayo. It was really floppy from the moisture and, like the fries, tasted of nothing. But that good, non-greasy nothing I mentioned before.


Overall, If I were to give Bobcat Bonnie’s food a rating out of 10, it would be a solid 5. Not bad, but also not particularly good. As for atmosphere and feel, it would be a good 7. Although, that might just be because they’re not fully running yet.

This is just my (non-expert) opinion, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself at least once.