Review of ‘Birds of Prey’


Cydney Long, Journalist

This Friday, February 7th, 2020, ‘Birds of Prey’ was released in theaters everywhere. This movie is based on DC  super villain, Harley Quinn who has now broken up with Mr.J, aka the famous Joker. After breaking up with the joker she feels her world has fallen apart and she has nothing to live for because Joker made her the evil and fantabulous Harley Quinn. Since her and joker have broken up there is no one to watch Harley’s back anymore, so her enemies are ready to take the bate. I really liked this movie because it shows who Harley Quinn truly is in the inside. This movie shows her other side before Harley Quinn was created. Through the movie Harley learns she doesn’t need a man to keep her safe; she just needs a group of loyal friends to help her on her journey. This was a great movie to connect with other DC comics and I look forward to seeing what’s next with Harley Quinn and the birds of prey.