Artists I’ve been enjoying

Stefano Gai

New music is always a fun topic to talk about, and at the beginning of every new year, I try to discover some new music, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been enjoying as of late 



This one is interesting, because I was into his covers a couple of years back, but his original stuff is also fantastic, my three favorites being Phantom, The Wrecked and The Worried and StopRewind 

Palaye Royale: 

If these guys have a bad song, I can’t find it anywhere, all these songs are just fantastic, my favorites being, Hang Onto Yourself, You’ll Be Fine and Dying in a Hot Tub 

All Time Low: 

I’ve known about these guys for a while, but never got around to listening to them until recently, my favorite for sure is Dancing With A Wolf 

The Hamilton Soundtrack: 

While not an artist, I find myself bopping to just about every track: my favorites being Right Hand Man and The Story of Tonight (Reprise)