A Royal Situation…

Gabby Jones

On January 8th, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced they were leaving the United Kingdom.  The Sussex royals instagram page posted a picture of Harry and Meghan with the caption explaining their exit.  However, Harry later shared the ‘real reason’ of leaving.  The media was playing a huge role in Meghan’s life, the negative comments and racist remarks were taking a huge toll on her.  He decided the best thing to do for him and his family was to remove theirselves from the situation.  Harry also including how the media was a the reason behind his late mother, Princess Diana’s, passing in the car accident.

Prince Harry and his family are currently living in Canada, but recently announced they were relocating toward California in the summer.  The parents of Archie, also wanted a semi- ‘normal’ life for their child.

The royal family claims to still be balancing both North America and the United Kingdom, though clearly stepping down from the thrown.  Even though the crown was more than likely not heading his way anyways; this is a heart breaking situation and it is very unfortunate Meghan is going through this whiplash.