The Best Grammy Performances


Jelena Tegeltija

Recently the Grammys were held, and they came with all new performances. There was a lot of artists, but some were of course better than others.

Starting off one of my favorites was Camila Cabello. She sung the song first man off her album romance. A home video was playing in the background while she was singing. Her dad in the audience was showing real tears, which showed how genuine their relationship was. Some people don’t have a good father-daughter bond and it showed that she did. She has grown so much since leaving fifth harmony and I’m sure her fans are very proud of her.

Secondly, is Ariana Grande’s performance. She sung three songs, imagine, thank u next, and 7 rings. One of my favorite Grammy singers. Though I feel as Ariana deserved so much more. She was nominated for 5 Grammys and didn’t win any. I really hope that she wins something next year. I can tell her fans were pissed off and showed their emotions on twitter.

Lastly, is my personal favorite performance, Tyler The Creator. He finally won his first Grammy after years of making music. He performed EARFQUAKE and NEW MAGIC WAND. It made me speechless, but some people had different opinions. I read reviews and some people thought it was weird and not suited for the Grammys. I thought it was unique and different from just the generic pop music that they always do.

Overall I think that all of these singers are amazing and they deserved their spot to sing in the Grammys.