High School Hacks to Stay Focused and Motivated


As we are approaching the end of the school year many students, senior or not, experience a decline in motivation and performance. Here are a few hacks to help students stay focused and motivated in school:

Sit at the Front of the Class

this is a way to minimize any distractions and stay focused on the board/teacher

Keep an Agenda

using an agenda will not only keep you motivated, but is also a way to make sure you finish all of your tasks that need to be done for the next day

Use Different Color Pens

color coding different notes is a way to not only keep the learning fun, but also helps with studying

Reward Yourself

after finishing a task you can take a break and go hangout with friends/family, go shopping, etc.

Ask Questions

no one wants to be the kid constantly asking questions, but this is a way to know you have the knowledge you need to finish the tasks, making it easier to stay focused and motivated to finish