Here’s a Few of the Weirdest News Stories From January So Far

Kellin Hughes, Occasional News Writer

Kansas Man Asks Judge For Permission To Sword Fight His Ex-Wife

Katana collectors and anime lovers, this one’s for you. 

David Ostrom from Paola, Kansas claimed that his wife “destroyed him legally” after having fights about custody and taxes, deciding that the best way to settle it is to “resolve our disputes on the field of battle.” 

According to him, trial by combat has never actually been banned or restricted, so why not? 

I can see where he’s coming from (not really), but there’s other ways to pay your property taxes without going super saiyan on your ex-wife. Just a thought.

The judge didn’t exactly allow him anyway, after the wife’s attorney brought up that dying in a sword fight would outweigh the current issues.



Couple Have Wedding At Bass Pro Shops

This isn’t as odd when you consider the fact that it’s in Tennessee. 

A Bass Pro Shops in Kodak, TN offered up the store to a couple’s wedding. The store even took pictures for them and tweeted “Here at Bass Pro- we will sell you a boat, a gun, even some clothes…. shoot you might as well even get married here!!”

I mean, there’s been weirder weddings. I just want to know what the appeal is. What could be so romantic about that big ol’ dirty fish tank?



Seven Year Old Boy Swallows AirPod

QJ, a seven-year-old boy from Atlanta, Georgia, swallowed one of his AirPods after only having them for three days.

Apparently he was holding it in his mouth when he accidentally ingested it. I don’t mean to judge, but that’s probably why they’re not meant for seven-year-olds.

At the hospital they did X-rays and sent him home so it could eventually pass naturally.

His mom later wrote in a FaceBook post “No more AirPods for this kid.”

I don’t think the warranty will cover that one.



Pigeon Wearing A Sombrero Has Died

Please tell me I’m not the only one who knows about this fashion icon.

Someone in Las Vegas glued a tiny sombrero to a pigeon’s head (how?) and he was vibing, honestly. At least he was until he apparently died.

Reno City Manager, Sabra Newby, responded “It’s quirky and fun, but still inhumane.”

Also, it isn’t said how the bird died, but is it hat related? Is it possible to die from looking too cool? Cause of death: too much swag? I demand answers.