Going From 18 to 21

Gabby Jones

On December 20th of last year, the President of the United States raised the age to purchase tobacco.  Tobacco was eligible to buy for 18 years olds in the State of Michigan since the 80s, though considering the outbreak of new nicotine products, the President figured it was time to force a majority of teenagers to quit the addiction.  Not only is this law for the State of Michigan, but for the rest of the U.S. .

Teenagers across the Country are unfortunately addicted to the harmful chemical; and the ban that took place in September only halted that addiction.

The new law has upset thousands of people, of course mainly those underage; however, I see this as an opportunity for those who need to quit, to quit.  I don’t really think some people understand the severity of the chemical.   In November, a 17 year old needed to undergo a DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT, because of vaping.

This law could save many teens lives, hopefully we take this as an opportunity to quit the addiction, rather than fighting for the cancer causer.