DHS eSports Win Big!


Vincenzo Bilof (via Twitter)

Francesco Gerardi, Writer

This past weekend, the Dakota High School eSports team competed at Lawrence Tech with scholarships to be won! Dakota proudly returned with two teams winning big.

Firstly, Captain (need first name) Pierce led his team, Need Boost, to be the recipients of a large scholarship – $3,000 for 4 years (in total, that is a $12,000 amount!)

Dakota is also proud to be the ultimate champions of the Midwest. The winning team, the Aerial Airheads, captained by Billy Sawyer rallied to win scholarships for each member of their team – $5,000 for 4 years (all together, that’s $20,000!)

Ron Roberts, the superintendent of Chippewa Valley Schools, and Paul Sibley, the director of secondary education for Chippewa Valley Schools weighed in on the wins via Twitter. Mr. Sibley stated that he was very proud of Dakota’s accomplishments, and Ron Roberts, along with his congratulations, added that there is “finally a sport with a uniform that I would like to wear…looks very comfortable!”

Great job Dakota!