Nick Cannon VS Eminem…Again.

Francesco Gerardi, Writer

What year is it? Once again, Nick Cannon has tried to diss Eminem… and seemingly failed to get a rise out of him. Within the last few years, this has become an almost monthly event whether on Cannon’s social media or during interviews. Eminem has never responded, but things have escalated over the past few days.

Slim Shady recently was featured on Fat Joe’s song “Lord Above,” where he threw jabs at Nick Cannon. Cannon responded with not one, but two diss tracks (featuring 19 different people) which may seem like a power move, but it was Eminem who got the last laugh. No one thought that either of the diss tracks were any good, and many thought it was uncool that Cannon dragged Em’s ex-wife and his children into the battle. Following this, the hashtag #RIPNickCanon began trending on Twitter. Notice, Nick’s last name is even spelled wrong in the tag! People went as far as changing his Wikipedia page, claiming Cannon’s occupation as a ‘Certified Clown’ who died in Detroit, MI.

Eminem did post a joking tweet about the situation, but nothing else. Nick Cannon has continued to bat at him through social media, although it seems that Eminem has already won the battle, without needing to respond. 

Do you think Eminem will respond with a diss track? Who won this battle?