Class spotlight: Fashion Design

Sign up for fashion design class @Dakota


Cydney, Writer

Dear Dakota students,

Scheduling for next year classes is just around the corner! Being a student myself I know how this can be a stressful time for us thinking about the classes we want to be in with the factors of colleges, friends, and what you want to be when you become an adult.  It’s always great to think about what you are interest in and what your favorite hobbies are to decide your classes. Furthermore, after everyone is done scheduling there are numerous classes that are not promoted as well as others and tend to be forgotten. If students don’t apply to certain classes these programs don’t run for the year. Well for a few years now all my fashionistas, sneaker-heads, stylist, and fashion killas have been singled-out and our fashion program has not been running. I want to let all my fashion people know we need to sign up for fashion design and get our fashion program back up and running. Fashion is the  production and marketing of new styles of goods, especially clothing and cosmetics. We need fashion yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So sign up for fashion design Class and let’s put fashion into our educational curriculum!